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TV Logos of the 80s

Revised  We 1-Sep-21

Following on from the old TV logos from the 1970s, here is a selection from the 1980s, the decade which saw the start of Channel 4 and breakfast television.

The TV-am logo is a re-creation. The smaller images, apart from the Channel 4 ident, were captured from video by Sean Hughes.

CTV (4K)
White sphere, with a crescent shadow on the left, above CENTRAL in white, all on a blue background (19K) White circle, with a rainbow-coloured crescent 'shadow' on the left, above CENTRAL PRODUCTION in white. (20K)
BBC1 (6K) Tyne Tees (4K) Granada (4K)
LWT letters, made up of orange, white and light blue stripes, above the London Weekend Television legend (21K) Same image as the LWT ident, but with Colour Production legend added underneath London Weekend Television (19K)
TVS (7K) Thames (4K) TSW (5K) Channel Four (6K)
TV-am caption with yellow circle, representing the sun rising, above horizontal stripes of orange, red and blue (3K)

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