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In September 2003, ITV replaced its celebrity idents with a new batch. Chris Tarrant and Ant & Dec were among those invited back to represent the channel. They were joined by newcomers such as Melanie Sykes and Cat Deeley.

As well as new idents, ITV also tweaked all of the other elements of its on screen presentation and added customised idents for CITV.

The screenshots shown contain graphics that are copyright of the ITV company portrayed and/or the ITV Network.


 ITV1 Refreshes Its Look

ITV1 changed its on-air branding on Monday, September 1st, 2003, less than a year after its last revamp hit the airwaves, coinciding with the new autumn programme schedule. This time around, the changes were far less dramatic. The existing identity was merely tweaked, or as the official press release would have it, "refreshed".

Over 60 new versions of the idents were shot, on three new sets.

Jim Hytner, Marketing and Commercial Director, ITV, said in the press release:

We're delighted with how the new on-air look has been received - all the feedback we've had shows that viewers feel the channel has a more modern, fresh feel. This new work builds on the strengths of the original package and keeps our portfolio of idents up to date with ITV1's current favourite faces.

Cilla Black, it transpired, no longer had one of ITV1's favourite faces. At first it appeared that Davina McCall had also been dropped, but she was soon back on the idents to promote her new show, Love on a Saturday Night.

With the new look, the ITV tiles theme would now be used more extensively, tieing in all aspects of the station's visuals.

ITV1 - Martin Bashir (12K)

Martin Bashir, Tonight with Trevor MacDonald

ITV1 - Cat Deeley (10K)

Cat Deeley, The Royal Variety Performance


ITV1 - The Bill (16K)

Male Stars of The Bill

ITV1 - Pop Idol (8K)

Pete Waterman, Neil Fox, Nikki Chapman, Pop Idol


 Regional Variations

Here are some examples of the refreshed regional versions of the idents, allowed only before regional programmes.

Anglia (10K)

Katie Derham, ITV News

Below is the ident Anglia used before its regional news bulletins.

Anglia News Ident (4K)

Border (10K)

Rhona Cameron, Russian Roulette

Central (8K)

Jim Rosenthal, F1 Grand Prix

Carlton Central and Carlton West Country continued to share the same regional idents.

Channel (8K)

Chris Tarrant, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

There was no change at Channel Television in September 2003. Below, is Channel's regional news ident.

Channel News Ident (8K)

Granada (8K)

Philip Schofield, This Morning

ITV1 West (8K)

Chris Tarrant, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Meridian (10K)

Mark Durden-Smith, Junior Eurovision

Tyne Tees (9K)

Wendy Craig, The Royal

West Country (8K)

Jim Rosenthal, F1 Grand Prix

Carlton's West Country region used the same idents as Carlton Central.

Yorkshire (8K)

Julie Graham, Between The Sheets


Only three months after the regional idents above were introduced, Carlton ditched the celebrities and introduced landscapes from each region, strewn with coloured blocks, to keep with the ITV theme.

ITV1 Central - landscape ident (20K)

Birmingham Town Hall with Selfridges in the background

In December 2003 the Carlton logo was removed from regional idents. Thus viewers in the Midlands and the Westcountry would again have separate identities. Carlton's long-winded region name was kept though, hence the caption "ITV1 for Central England".

ITV1 West - landscape ident (19K)

Clifton Suspension Bridge

"West of England" had appeared on regional idents together with the ITV1 logo since October 2002, so in one sense there was no huge change here. But it could be argued that this was an even bigger departure from the corporate look than when Carlton's own hearts-themed branding appeared in 1999.

ITV1 Westcountry - landscape ident (17K)

After introducing production captions referring to the "West Country" in 2002, we were now back to using "Westcountry" again on the idents.

ITV1 Wales - landscape ident (16K)

The ITV1 Wales logo already appeared on the idents before all ITV1 programmes in Wales, but now viewers had new landscape idents for their own programmes.


ITV Anglia logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (7K)

Two months after the Carlton logo disappeared from the beginning of regional programmes, it vanished from the end of them too. So instead of a caption with "A Carlton Production for Central England", for example, viewers in the Midlands would now see an "ITV Production" with an ITV Central logo.

Similarly Carlton productions for the West Country would now end with an ITV Westcountry logo.

ITV Border logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (11K) ITV Central logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (8K)
ITV Granada logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (7K)

This new design was also rolled out to the Granada-owned companies, giving a unified look across England, Wales and the Borders of Scotland.

The captions began to appear on Monday, February 2nd, 2004, the day that the Granada and Carlton group companies finally merged to form ITV plc.

On the same day, ITV News relaunched with a new logo and a "revolutionary new £1m set". For the first time, ITV's national, international and regional news services would come together as one division, the ITV News Group. As a result, regional news bulletins also adopted the look of the national bulletins.

This change meant the removal of the last trace of HTV branding from the network as HTV News became ITV Wales News and ITV West News.

ITV London logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (7K)
BigEasy Productions and ITV Meridian logos above the caption 'BigEasy Productions in association with ITV' (11K)
ITV Tyne Tees logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (10K) ITV Wales logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (8K)

The standard orange Carlton production caption and the purple captions for the Granada-owned companies continued to be used for network programming - so the ITV brand hadn't yet completely taken over.

ITV West logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (10K)
ITV Westcountry logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (10K)
ITV Yorkshire logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (7K)

A generic caption was produced for programmes shown in the regional slots across more than one franchise area. This was used, for example, for the motoring magazine Pulling Power.

ITV corporate logo above the caption 'An ITV Production' (8K)


 Alternative Idents

As before, there were idents that didn't feature any celebrities, which were used before news and current affairs programmes. The main ident was an extended version of the new break bumper, featuring a moving background of transparent blue tiles, lit from behind. There was also a version with yellow tiles for use in the daytime.

The ITV1 alternative ident forms up (5K)  
The ITV1 alternative ident (6K)
ITV1 Wales news ident (4K) ITV1 Wales news ident (4K)

In Scotland, the SMG companies continued to use their own celebrity idents as well as an ident featuring clouds from 2002. But Scottish and Grampian did adopt a version of the 2003 alternative/news ident.

Scottish TV news ident (5K) Scottish TV news ident (4K)


Grampian TV news ident (4K)


 Break Bumpers

ITV1's Break Bumper (4K) ITV1 Wales' Break Bumper (4K)

The 2003 refresh brought new break bumpers. The background now featured blue transparent tiles.

ITV1's Break Flash (2K)

The break flash between each commercial (not seen in all regions) was also tweaked.

  ITV1 Alternative Break Bumper (11K)

There was a variation on the standard break bumper that was used when the ad break contained only trailers and no paid-for commercials. This would regularly happen with programmes shown late at night.

ITV1 Next Slide - Tarrant on TV (11K) ITV1 Next Slide - Pop Idol Result (9K)

For a short spell, ITV1 also trialled a 'coming next' caption to go into a break.

Scottish TV's Break Bumper (4K) Grampian TV's Break Bumper (4K)

These are the break bumpers introduced by Scottish and Grampian in November 2003.

CITV Break Bumper (2K) CITV Break Bumper (2K)

Another change for 2003 is the introduction of a break bumper (and idents) for the children's strand, CITV.

  CITV Break Bumper (3K)
CITV's Break Flash (2K)

CITV also got a break flash.

 Rugby World Cup 2003

The Rugby World Cup tournament kicked off in October 2003. ITV promoted its coverage with idents and trailers, some of which featured The Web Ellis Cup. Others featured the England captain, Martin Johnson. (See one of these below.) A peak audience of 14.5 million watched England beat hosts Australia in the final.

Real Media 8 format. (14s, 300k)

Real Media 8

ITV1 Rugby World Cup 2003 ident - Martin Johnson, England Captain (10K)
ITV1 Rugby World Cup 2003 ident - close-up of hands holding a rugby ball (8K) ITV1 Wales Rugby World Cup 2003 ident - The Webb Ellis Cup (10K)
ITV1 Rugby World Cup 2003 caption at the end of a trailer promoting the Final - England v Australia (9K)


 Creature Comforts

ITV1 Creature Comforts ident featuring two monkeys (17K)

Also kicking off in October 2003 was Aardman's Creature Comforts, a series of animated shorts based on the 1989 film of the same name. Special idents were made featuring the characters from the show.

ITV1 Creature Comforts ident featuring two slugs (15K)


ITV1 spoof ident from TV Burp - Sian Lloyd (10K)

Harry Hill's TV Burp included some spoof ITV1 idents showing a man dressed up as some of the channel's female celebrities.

ITV1 spoof ident from TV Burp - Fern Britton (10K)

Channel 4's entertainment channel E4 decided to make some idents that parodied the ITV1 2003 refresh. Filmed on a purple version of the ITV1 set, one ident starred comedian Charlie Chuck (aka Uncle Peter from The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer) and a second showed an elderly woman riding a mobility scooter.

E4 ident with a woman riding a mobility scooter (10K)

 Brits 2004

In February 2004, ITV1 once again broadcast the BRIT awards. The event was promoted with trails and idents that featured pop star lookalikes.

ITV1 Brits 2004 ident - featuring Elton John and Posh Spice lookalikes (14K)
ITV1 Brits 2004 ident - featuring Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera lookalikes (11K) Grampian TV Brits 2004 ident (11K)

 Hell's Kitchen

ITV1 Hell's Kitchen ident with Gordon Ramsay (12K)

In May 2004, ITV1 began showing a new, nightly reality show, Hell's Kitchen, in which chef Gordon Ramsay shouted at a bunch of celebrities as he taught them how to cook. He appeared in trails and this ident to promote the programme.

 Euro 2004

In June 2004, the UEFA European football championship kicked off in Portugal. Viewers were treated to an ident with main host Des Lynam and there was a break bumper and break flash to represent the England football team.

ITV1 - Des Lynam (18K)
Euro 2004 England Break Flash (6K) Euro 2004 England Break Bumper (13K)

 The X Factor

The first series of The X Factor, a replacement for Pop Idol, hit our screens in September 2004. There was a specially themed break flash and break bumper commissioned. You can see the bumper at the end of the trailer promoting the the new show.

There were also special X Factor bumpers and trailers for the live final, but by then ITV had revamped its on-screen look once again.

The X Factor Break Flash (6K) The X Factor Break Bumper (10K)

 Who Did It

The celebrity idents were again filmed by ITV's Network Promotions Unit. This time there were two locations: the Westway Studios in West London and Granada's studios in Manchester. They were shot over the course of three weeks on Super 16 film. They were directed by Chaka Sobhani and produced by Paul Braithwaite. The director of photography was Tim Green and the sets were designed by Richard Hornsey. The film was telecined on Spirit at One Post Production by George Kyriacou.

Bruce Dunlop & Associates developed and refreshed their work on the ITV1 visual identity, being responsible for the entire on-air environment. Senior Designer, Matt Piper, created the new look, which included break bumpers and the layout of ITV1's trailers.


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