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Created  Sa 20-Feb-99

Rory Clark, proprietor of The Harlech House of Graphics, presents a selection of Public Information Films for your viewing pleasure. These films were captured in RealPlayer G2 format.

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Give Blood (15K) Download (613K)

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Invigorated by their rousing rendition of "In My Liverpool Home", The Spinners decide to go and donate some blood. At least most of them do. Watch carefully and spot the Chicken Spinner who is happy to perform on stage at the beginning but who can't be persuaded to open a vein.

"It's just getting up off your backside and making that little journey."


Self explanatory, though a few amusing stereotypes, particularly the sour-faced mother-in-law (who isn't wearing a seat belt) and the mufflered old codger.

"How many times a day do you knock your children around? ... Late and fierce braking is the sign of a bad driver."

This PIF appears on the Charley Says Vol. 2 DVD.

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Brake Gently (10K)

Cover Your Ears! (12K)

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Bottled beer and a Scouse club comic make for a big night out with the boys. Featuring Juliet Bravo's Sergeant doing a bit of blue-collar moonlighting with schools' TV favourite Max Mason and Terry the chef from Fawlty Towers. Voiceover by Keith Barron.

"If the noise at work means you have to shout, wear your ear protection. It's no joke..."

This PIF appears on the Charley Says Vol. 2 DVD.


More seventies' sitcom bit-part actors inspect a mobile home for fire exits. Anyone remember a similar idea featuring Python, Eric Idle? It had the tag - "Definitely, not recommended" in Alan Wicker-type voice. The voiceover here is by Ray 'Mr Benn' Brookes.

"Stan? Why are we climbing out of the window, Stan?"

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Know Your Exits (12K)

Only a Fool Breaks The 2-Second Rule (11K) Download (600K)

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More motoring angst on the M1 as drivers are told to try the two-second rule to help them keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. You'll love the special effects as the seconds are counted!

"Only a fool breaks the two-second rule"


If you hadn't seen this before, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it was an 'Unlucky Alf' sketch from the Fast Show. But then when you hear the extremely dramatic music, it becomes clear that the director really had his heart set on a James Bond film! Drivers should be more considerate, apparently. As the caption says, more than half of the pedestrians killed are over sixty. The dramatic voiceover comes from the evergreen throat of Joss Ackland.

"They call him John... just an elderly man waiting for a break in the traffic. Or is he?"

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They Call Him John (6K)

Do You Know Where Your Lad's Going Tonight? (19K)

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Longer, musical version of ten-seconder seen on the "Charley LIVE!" tape. Whipped up into a violent frenzy by Joe Braahn and the Bruvvers, kid understandably departs for an evening of mindless vandalism.

"Do you know where your lad's going tonight?"


This film features the familiar faces of fifties 'Mr TV', Dave King, with Alfie "Bootsie" Bass, Jonathan "upper-class-twit" Cecil and Jerold Wells. In crooks school they learn that when it comes to thieving, the easy-to-pinch stuff like plastic is best especially when lifted with a cheque book. Sounds like Arffa Mullard doing the voiceover at the end.

"So gentlemen, your project for this week is go out and nick some plastic. It shouldn't be too difficult."

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Look after your plastic  (5K)

Don't Park on School Zig-Zags (13K)

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Best summed up as: Don't run out of class into the path of an oncoming car or there'll be one less face in the school photo next year. Mums and dads are urged to do their bit by not parking on the yellow zig-zags outside school. Voicover by Michael Jayston.

"...Mike heading home, perhaps for the last time. St John's School 306 pupils: Valley Road 250 pupils."

This PIF appears on the Charley Says Vol. 2 DVD.


Yeah man - dig those groovy sounds. The problem - how to get your message across to cool bikers without talking down to them. The solution - put the words in a heady "rock" song!

"You motorbike riders... Lay back and ride wide"

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Lay Back Ride Wide (12K)


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