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Road Testing the Pedestrian

starring Frank Thornton
and Larry Martyn

Frank Thornton, best known for his role as Captain Peacock in the BBC's "Are You Being Served?", with a cap on his head and a microphone in his hand, follows a hapless chap, played by Larry Martyn, around all day as if he were road-testing a car.

Frank, always addressing the camera, walks down the street and comes to rest outside a terraced house.


We recently road-tested the current model of er... pedestrian.

A man is in bed under the covers, coughing in the darkness of his bedroom as the alarm goes off.


Morning cold start: poor.

Man eats his full breakfast, with plenty of sauce.


Fuel consumption: heavy.

The model needed topping up throughout the day.

Man comes out of his house, and changes direction, off up the street.


Road Holding: fair...

A woman throws a bowl of water onto the pavement, and as our man walks into it, he slips and falls over.


...But in bad conditions, brakes were unreliable.

And although the same model has been in production for some time now, spare parts are hard to obtain.

However, the makers assure us it is rust proof and all essential parts should last a lifetime.

But where our model really did badly was resistance to damage...

The poor man is now run over by a car!


...All tests show that in collision with other vehicles, it always came off worst, with 27 000 each year seriously damaged or total write-offs...

The man emerges from the Casualty department of the hospital, walking with a stick and with his arm in a sling. As he walks off up the street, Frank says...


...So we strongly recommend that when you take this model on the roads, you proceed at all times with great caution.

You can see this Public Information Film on the "Charley Says..." DVD.

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