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Copyright and Disclaimer

Created  Fr 16-Jul-99
Revised  Su 1-Jul-07

Important Notice

  • All British Public Information Films are commissioned by a Government agency, The Central Office of Information. (Hence the alternative name for the films: COIs.)
  • Public Information Films are Crown Copyright.
British copyright law includes a fair dealing clause. Among other things, this allows the use of excerpts of copyrighted material for the purposes of review. This is the intended use of the material seen in these pages.

It is not my intention to profit from any referenced material or in any other way make commercial gain. Nor is it my intention to deprive any artists or others involved in these films of any royalties or other fees.

This site contains RealVideo of public information films, which run in a postage-stamp-sized window on your computer. To see the COI's films in their full glory, why not get hold of the Charley Says DVDs?

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625: Andrew Wiseman's Television Room (2K)