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Created  Mo 6-Jan-97
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Here is a special selection of e-mail I received as a result of this site's coverage of the David Staveren Web Snatcher story.

Timothy Coward Thanks for starting that websnatcher page! With any luck his site will be out of business before my Rentaghost site is nicked.

PS - Your sense of humour is brilliant!

Richard Logue Thanks for debunking that "Best of British TV" crap website.

I thought you might be interested to know that I couldn't access their site today. How does "404 Not Found - The requested URL /~Woodlane/BIBTV1/BIBTV1.shtml was not found on this server" grab you?

Adrian E C Petford
Webmaster, Kaleidoscope
I must say I was delighted to see the... posting from you in the newsgroup, as I had been incensed myself by the activities of this idiot and his mediocre site ...

I've just tried to access DR. Van Staveren's smashing TV site for my daily laugh, and it seems to have gone! Good sense seems to have prevailed (probably due to the various threats of legal action both by TV companies and individuals) and this Web snatching parasite seems to have done the only thing open to him and removed his pages.

But the fact the site appears to have been taken down still doesn't absolve him of responsibility for this outrageous plagiarism of the net community's original work. I notice Van Staveren never responds to any of these critical threads, and, should he be reading this, I think he still owes us all some sort of explanation or apology for his past actions.

He should get the PENTAGON 5 Office of Legal Affairs on the case right away.

Andrew Wong I have to say after seeing your Invasion site: Absolutely hilarious - I can just see Esther Rantzen doing a shocking expose on this before turning to Dr.Cox with a picture of a vegetable shaped like a penis...

Hopefully, the stern letter from the BBC will shut him down...

Tim Stainthorpe I must say ... that I would try and find out who the chap is, because he obviously needs help, and people just shouldn't be allowed to go round asking Chuck to come round and beat someone up, even if you do expose them as a complete loony tune.

That boast that Chris Walker met with an unfortunate accident could land him in some very hot water with the Police I imagine too.

... Do you think his favourite TV show was The Invaders, and his fave film is Independence day?

Surely this must be a huge windup nobody is this deranged!

Rob Sedgebeer What's the betting if you hadn't started all this up, the "doc" would be doing a Willie Rushton tribute page now!?

Ian Miller [This] is one of the most entertaining home pages ever on the Web, keep up the good work! We really could do with more cranks like Van Staveren, just for the sheer entertainment value if nothing else!

I shall be telling all my friends about it!

Neil Stewart I just thought I'd send you a quick mail to say that I enjoyed reading your page about the "Web Snatcher". I've read a few of the postings in rec.arts.tv.uk, but your page gave the full story. I had a quick look at Van Whatsits "new" web site, www.cris.com/~proslick, though all I got was a file list. This guy is one sad individual...

Oh, and the rest of your site ain't too bad either!

James Lynn I've just read your page on the relentless plagiarism of Mr Van Staveren, and something struck me - This whole Van Staveren saga is why the Internet and Usenet is more compelling than any soap opera. If they tried to have charecters (sic) like this on a TV show, no-one would believe them.

Your 625 site is excellent, by the way. I particularly enjoyed the TV logos.

Keep up the good work

Marla Kendal
Another Snatcher Victim
Hullo, my new best-friend-in-the-entire-world!!!

... I am REALLY REALLY glad that we found your site. Thanks for the EXCELLENT work.

Marla's Sister
I absolutely love what you've done with your page! This man/child is a complete loon! I am glad he is getting what he deserves! Thank you for the amusement too!!!

Wendy Kelley ...I'd like to thank you for your efforts in helping the rest of us poor afflicted deal with the infamous Web Snatcher. I'm yet another person with a Tomorrow People site. While they didn't rip me off, I was threatened loudly and frequently with law suits for copyright violation, after nominally having been ratted on by Marla Kendal. It was only after another friend started forwarding me your messages from one of the usenets that I learned that Marla and I weren't fighting the insanity alone...

Someone forwarded me the post from the newsgroup where he was on someone's (your?) case all of the websnatched stuff being Racism? That gave me a serious case of giggles.

Dwain Gleason THIS is truly an amazing story, and I'm glad I read it. Thanks for posting this to rec.arts.drwho - I'm flabbergasted by this idiot!

Michelle Street
Britcomedy Digest
I just wanted to add my voice to the many others who are commending you for your stance against Dr. Van Rip-Off.

Benjamin John Evans
Editor, Swirly Thing Alert
Hi Andrew - I have read the saga of the Web Snatcher, and found it all very interesting. Investigative journalism at its best - were you ever a professional, perchance?

...Thanks for a great read, a good laugh, and vanquishing the forces of darkness as manifest in Dr Van Staveren.

Andy Davidson I think the general comments in the newsgroup are about right, though - this is the funniest thing to happen on the Net for ages; the stuff urban legends are made of ;-)

Sean Hughes What on earth is going on?!

I can't decide if this guy is for real or not. The idea that the whole thing is just a 'troll' seems quite reasonable, but I'm still not sure if this is just a genuine attempt to wind-up as many people as possible or a genuinely mentally disturbed individual.

... That said; your Web Snatcher site is probably the funniest thing I've seen on the Net, and easily deserves to win you the "Site of the Year" contest!

Cheers, and keep up the good work (who needs TV when we've got the Mad Doc?)...

Adrian I've just laughed so much I thought I would die!

Andrew, you are a true star of the net.

Keep 'em coming.

Andrew Williamson Just a quick note to express support. As someone who has had an (Admittedly minor) piece of stuff pinched and used without consent in an entirely separate case, the stuff this guy and his ilk get up to really annoys me.

...Utterly pathetic man.....Did you know Patrick Buskirk is an anagram of "Complete Tosser"......well not really, but it should be.

Keep up the good work. Don't let this jerk away with it!

Watch out for Chuck now :-)

Tom Loosemore
Internet Section Editor,
Wired Magazine
Jeesh, sounds like you had an, ahem, interesting time with this Van Staveren geezer...

...either this guy is the king of trollsters or he needs help quick...

Jason Storm
Webmaster, Boybabes in Cyberspace
I've just been reading your website about the "Dr". Fantastic! Brilliant!! One of the best and funniest websites I've had the pleasure of landing on for some time. Keep up your good work!! Many thanks.

Well done

Darren Meldrum
with tongue firmly in cheek!
I note with interest your new page entitled Invasion of the Web Snatchers. This page seem to me to be a blatant rip off of my own page... which has been inplace for several hours now. This page is part of my soon to be launched "635 Television Room". It is clear that you have been given an advance showing of this site as you appear to have stolen both the style and intended content of this soon to be constructed site.

I must inisist that you withdraw your page immidiately or else my legal deptartment will procse^H^H^H prostitu^H^H^H^H possycue^H^H^H^H^H take leegal action.

Greg After reading your page on the web snatcher I have come to a conclusion that if it was his son sending the e-mails then his son should get one hell of a slippering

Invasion of the Web Snatchers!

Invasion of the Web Snatchers DR VAN STAVEREN created his Best of British TV web site by stealing large portions of other TV sites. When the original authors complained, he threatened them first with legal action and then violence! He created fictional characters to be his friends and lawyers. He even made up a couple of companies too. Find out what happened when he went to the BBC and what he's up to now on the Web Snatcher page.

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