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Sumo (Nigel Collinson) For no real reason this is an excellent web site.
It's a ridiculous idea, of no importance and totally inane.
But... it's brilliant - unfortunately I'm old enough to remember all of it.
Stuff on the "Moon Clangers" would have iced the cake!!

Mark Pickles Found your web pages when reading the ET is morning. Brilliant!! all the interesting stuff about TV, the logos, PDC, the pubic info films etc. What a sad git I am.

Carry on the good work, and sod the BBC (unless they do decide to make a new series of Doctor Who).

Andy Davidson *love* the homepage - ah, those old logos.

Keep up the good work,

Lyn Bruzaud Another "Neat Site" comment. Stumbled on site via discussion in netscape newsgroup. Effects are fun and good. Do not know what the hell the site is all about - does not matter:-)) BTW Re comment on big head. You have earned it so enjoy it!!! Then try putting on pants BOTH legs at once WHILE STANDING. Thanks for the fun. [Eh?! - AW]

Internet Magazine
Essential Sites, August 1996
For your delectation and delight, Mr Andrew Wiseman presents a selection of logos from seminal 70s series such as Dr Who, Tiswas and Charlie's Angels. His site also features highlights from fellow TV history freak Sean Hughes' collection of TV station idents from the 70s and 80s. How can you forget the Anglia knight on his charger? The Yanks usually do this sort of thing so well, so it's good to see a couple of Brits competing so hard. [Especially after the Olympics, eh?! - AW]

colleen monaghan Why not have a site dedicated to Cracker -- this is one of the best written detective dramas I've seen coming out of the UK recently.... [Anyone know of a Cracker site or fancy setting one up? - AW]

Love your site, by the way.

Kerri Hicks Hi Andrew. I saw your page on the web; cool stuff. Most of the BBC shows we get over here in the US are crap...it's all 20-year-old reruns of Benny Hill.

Steve Kelly Nice pages, they brought back some great memories, and your article about the BBC closing the Fast Show site (amongst others) was interesting.

Keep up the good work

Carolyn Poulter [More on the BBC's action...]

Yes it is awful...what do we do though? Maybe ask for a boycott of the 'official' site? ... this is the thin end of the wedge....

sorry not thinking coherently........I am sure there is a way of objecting god I hate censorship ...and this is censorship when you think about it....

Morgan T. Holt
Multimedia Futures
I'm editor of Multimedia Futures and think this Fast Show thing ought to get a bit more publicity. What's the whole story? Can you give me a brief synopsis, please? I've talked to Sky and Channel 4 and they both think the BBC is off its trolley. Surprise, surprise.

[The item was covered in Issue 33 of the magazine -AW]

Cotton Ward
Features Editor,
.net magazine
...we'd like to include a piece about the banning of your Web site. [Eh? But I'm not banned! -AW] Could you please send me some details about who contacted you from the BBC and what they said, etc, and maybe a phone number where I can ring you. I rang the BBC and they said they had no idea of who to put me in touch with.

[This was covered in the July issue and a full feature appeared in the August issue -AW]

Jeremy Smith
Producer, Cyber.Cafe
I am making a TV show about the Internet for ITV. Would you be interested in talking to me about this situation with a view to a possible item on the series?

Cyber.Stories, the ITV series showing what's really happening online.

[I guess Meridian Broadcasting bottled out? - AW]


Sean Hughes I've checked out your web site - not a bad piece of work! I am actually halfway through constructing my own site; which I am planning on devoting entirely to British TV station idents (for want of something better!), so you appear to have stolen my thunder somewhat!

I've visited your updated WWW site- your biro-scribbled pictures probably look better than my vid-caps!

By the way, you seem very knowledgable about British TV. Do you work in the industry, or are you just enthusiastic (there's no way anyone can be both! :-) ).

[Sean gratiously sent me his vid-caps to display on my site while he put his own site together. And no, I don't work in the industry! -AW]

Paul "Associated Rediffusion" Neale Squires I've just taken a look at the TV Logos home page and *Loved* it! Excellent!

I too am a bit of an afficionado (ie saddo) for these old TV logos - sang the old LWT "bing bing bing bing bing bing bing deh deh deh deeeeeh deh deh deh deeeeeeeeh duh duh duh duh" theme to my friends over the weekend whilst drunk, of course.

[In reply, I challenged Paul to sing another logo... -AW]

... you suggested that after singing the old LWT ident to my friends, I should sing the HTV one. I have yet to carry out this threat, but I have worked out its textual reproduction...

wawawawawawawawawawawawawa wawawawawawawawawawawawaaa mmmmmmmmmmm nnnnn waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Once again, many thanks for a top site!

Gillian Hardy
Yorkshire Goddess
[I asked Gillian if she'd put a link to my page from hers -AW]

I've just this minute added [a link to the TV logos page] as it is an essential addition to all those sad people out there who remember and hark back to the 70s far too much.

Ian Collier ...you were the one that started the thread entitled "BBC Schools Diamond"...

Back when my age was in single digits I actually made a working model of this graphic. Yesterday, something made me recreate that experiment even before I got up to this thread in the archives. I've a good mind to make an animation of it and put it on the web... :-)

I don't know how to make animated GIFs though. Shame.

[Thankfully, Ian is a fast learner and it didn't take much persuasion to get him to re-create this essential childhood memory on the web! -AW]


Marcus Bainbridge Thanks for putting your PDC FAQ together - really useful.

Here's an update for you: it appears that Tyne Tees Television (N.E. England) are broadcasting PDC, according to my video (JVC HR-J625). Only BBC1 remain. However, I haven't found anything worth taping on ITV yet, so I don't know if it actually works...

Phil George Well done on publishing the PDC Info pages.

Keep up the good work - I know PDC is going to cause a lot of problems to people in the TV industry; including Broadcasters and Manufacturers alike. Once all the initial problems are ironed out we should have a very useful system.

I myself will be using your pages in the future

Antony Purvis Hi.. Just been browsing your PDC page on the web. Very interesting! Congrats ..., I spent quite a time browsing it - good stuff!

Frances Wood
Marketing Manager,
Nokia General Communications UK
Thank you for your constructive comments concerning our jargon buster, and especially concerning the explanation of PDC.

Having now visited your special PDC page, we will now update our own explanation, as we agree it is a little confusing.

Hywel Williams Channel Four sent me a draft for a Programming your PDC VCR guide they're writing, last week. It didn't have anything much in it that isn't in your guide already but just thought you'd like to know.

BTW: The covering letter also had a pointer to your web page!

[Mmmm! - AW]


William Ham Bevan
Jesus College, Oxford.
Ye Gods, it's a dream come true!!!

I couldn't believe that there is actually someone else out there who is as obsessed with these masterpieces of the Central Office of Information as I am! I have been hooked on PIFs since the days of cringing behind the sofa watching Jimmy fry himself while climbing into a sub-station (although, to be fair, I was always more afraid of the big potato on the 'Smash' commercials....)

Tim C

Great PIF web page! It's about time someone came out and said what great entertainment these films are.

I'll be getting hold of the PIF video this month, but I'm really intrigued by your mention of Threads on video.

Any idea where I can get it from? I'd kill for a copy (well, not literally of course, but I'd really like to see it again).

Peter Higgins I've just seen your site on the web devoted to Public Information Films. I can see no reason for a site devoted to Public Information Films at ALL, and yet I'm glad it's out there.

Am I the only one to remember the classic "Fire Prevention" song and dance number which used to be on very late at night, and basically reminded people to switch off the telly, etc?? The song went something like: "Get a routine, show your intentions, fire prevention, fire prevention... we mean, your life could depend on your bed-time routine."

I'm ashamed that I remember so much of this. I also remember me and my mates at school singing the entire song when pissed, for some reason which now escapes me.

Anyway, there you go.
Keep up the "good" "work"...

S. M. Ashton
University of Salford
I could've sworn that Charley said "never go with strangers unless you know them"!

ash A mate came out with the url because of my recent sigfile (from The Prodigy song lyrics - I never knew there was a real program/broadcast about Charlie) [Should he feel stupid, or should I feel old? -AW]

Quality site mate...is there anything on Bod on the web I wonder...

Graham Wright
Presentation Dept,
Just to make your head swell a bit more...

I'm just writing to say how much I appreciate your site... it's nice to know that people actually appreciate the PIFs. It was great to read about the Coastguard PIF - I remember as a kid having hysterics about the way she licked her ice cream

Mag & Don
(Donald Ross)
[On the Charley Says... video]

Cant wait to rush to HMV for my copy! Many thanks for a highly amusing page.

I had forgotten all about Petunia and her huge tongue! Lucky George!

[Eh? Unless there was an extra marital affair going on, that should be "lucky Jo"! - AW]

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