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Charley Says:

Starring the voice of Kenny Everett
1973 - Richard Taylor Cartoons

In a playground in a park, a young boy and his cat, Charley, wave at mum, who's sitting on a nearby bench, and head for the swings…

Charley Says... (11K)


Charley and I were in the park. Then this man came up and said would I like to see some puppies.

The boy imagines a playful puppy.


And I was going to go, but Charley stopped me.


Meow... Meow... Meow... etc.

Charley gesticulates and meows.


[to man]
Charley's reminded me my mum says I shouldn't go off with people I don't know.

Then the man went away. We went and told mummy and she said we'd been very good. I got an apple and Charley got something he likes.


Meow... Meow... Meow... etc.

Charley meows whilst eating his fish.


[to us]
He says, never go anywhere with men or ladies you don't know.

You can see this Public Information Film on
the "Charley Says..." video and DVD.

>> To celebrate 60 years of the Central Office of Information in 2006 The National Archives made the "Charley Says..." films available to watch on-line, along with dozens of others.

>> In February 2006, the BBC News website's Magazine section ran a poll to find the nation's favourite public information films. The "Charley Says..." series was the clear winner, capturing nearly 40% of the vote. Visit the "Stop Look Listen" results page at the BBC News Magazine website for the full results and more about the making of the films.

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