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Jo and Petunia:
Acceptance of The Country Code

Starring the voices of Peter Hawkins and Wendy Craig
1971 - Nicholas Cartoons

Jo and Petunia are sitting in a field in front of a stone wall, surrounded by the litter left over from their picnic. Jo is removing stones from the wall and throwing them. Petunia drinks from a bottle…

Jo and Petunia (15K)


Oh, I have enjoyed our country walk.


Yes, we've come a long way, Petunia.

He throws a stone.


Look, you can see our tracks right across that yellow cornfield.


Oh yes. It's ever so nice in this field, but I'm glad those cows have gone.


Aye, they've taken themselves off for a walk down t'road. Look, through that gate I opened. The one marked "PRIVATE".


Oh yes.

He throws another stone. She is looking back over the wall. Sounds of a dog barking and sheep baa-ing can be heard.


Our little Bingo's having a lovely time playing with those sheep. The exercise'll do him good.

Jo throws yet another stone. The sound of breaking glass is heard.


He-hey! I've hit that bottle, Petunia. It's smashed up a treat!


Very clever.


You know, there's a farmer down there with a purple face.

Cut to shot of angry farmer.


I expect it's all that sun and the open air life, Jo.

The farmer jumps around in anger.


Now he's doing one of those country dances.


Well I don't think he looks very friendly.


Maybe you're right. Though it can't be anything we've done.


No, but I won't stay where I'm not wanted. Come on, Jo!


When folk come out to the country, why oh why don't they follow the Country Code?

You can see this Public Information Film on
the "Charley Says..." video and DVD.

>> To celebrate 60 years of the Central Office of Information in 2006 The National Archives made this film available to watch on-line, along with over 80 others.

>> On 12th July 2004, The Country Code was relaunched in England and Wales as The Countryside Code. To promote it, a new public information film was produced by Aardman Animations in the form of a special minute-long episode of "Creature Comforts". You can download the film and find out more about the Countryside Code at the Countrywide Access website.

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