625: Andrew Wiseman's Television Room (2K)

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To view the above animations, you'll need a Java-enabled browser, which these days means Microsoft Internet Explorer, and even then you probably won't see anything because of the security settings!

However, if you're using Chrome or the new version of Edge, there's a handy extension called CheerpJ Applet Runner that will run Java applets without requiring Java to be installed. (Once installed, you will need to click on its icon to run it for this page.)

Click or tap on each image to pause/resume playback.

If you want to view the animations without any fuss, why not try the JavaScript version of this page instead?

If you have a desktop Java Applet Viewer, you can download a ZIP file (20 480 bytes) containing the necessary files to run the animations locally on your own machine.

The Java applet used on this page was written by David Griffiths for his Web Spigots site, which is sadly no longer online.