625: Andrew Wiseman's Television Room (2K)

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Please Note: this screensaver will only run on PCs running Microsoft Windows.

When you click on the download link (bottom right), a dialogue box will appear, inviting you to Open or Save the file. Click on the Save button.

Then you will have to tell your PC where to save the file. The location you should enter is your Windows directory, which is usually C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINNT.

To install the screensaver, right click on a space on your desktop and choose Properties from the pop-up menu. A dialogue box will appear, from which you need to select the Screensaver tab.

From the drop-down list of all available screensavers, choose 625-uk-com - BBC 2 Clock.

Finally, click OK and you are done.

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Disclaimer: Although called a screensaver, the file supplied is not designed to save your monitor from screen burn, since some of the graphic elements remain in the same place on the screen. For this reason the file should be used with caution (i.e. not left running for long periods of time). This screensaver is supplied without any warranty whatsoever and is installed and used at your own risk. Permission is granted to install it on all your PCs but not to distribute it or publish it.

This screensaver will almost certainly no longer work now that Adobe has disabled Flash. However, there is an alternative, Flash-free, web-based screensaver available.