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It's time to relive your school days with

For February's update, I've added to the Flash-free Files re-creations of four 'dots' countdown clocks that were shown on BBC 1 before schools programmes in the late seventies and early eighties

BBC Schools Countdown Clock from September 1981 (5K)

As always, the graphics were created by Dave Jeffery, who these days uses open source software to produce telly stuff on his YouTube channel, modestly titled: Stupid Rubbish.



The Carltonisation of ITV
Revised Th 2-Feb-06

The story of the disappearance of Central and Westcountry, swept away by the Carlton branding machine.

The Consolidation of ITV
Revised Th 2-Feb-06

The story of the disappearance of LWT, HTV and the regional announcers, despite assurances from the Government that ITV's regional identities were safe in their hands.

The Unification of ITV
Revised Tu 20-Jun-06

The story of how Carlton and Grampian disappeared along with hours of regional programming.

Digital TV - Beyond the Hype
Digital TV - Beyond the Hype
Version 5.5 Fr 6-Aug-99

A TV revolution is upon us. The television of the future has better pictures and sound. Or does it? This guide attempts to read between the lines of the marketing men and explain the reality of Digital TV and the proposed digital TV licence fee.

DOG Watch
DOG Watch!
Revised  Th 6-Feb-03

Some channels have taken to branding their output with a permanent on-screen logo or "DOG". Viewer power has already managed to get DOGs dropped from Channel 4, BBC One, BBC Two and, in our latest victory, Channel 5. BBC News 24 has now freed up a corner, and BBC 2W's new DOG lasted only a week. But ITV2 is now on its fourth DOG. And other stations are turning to animated DOGs to distract us even more. A continuing look at the mess in the corners with details of how to complain plus a link to an on-line anti-DOG campaign, which already has over a thousand members.

TV Logos
TV Logos Index
Revised  Th 1-Feb-18

TV Station logos from yesteryear, featuring Dave Jeffery's Flash Files and now with Flash-free BBC Schools Dots countdowns.

Public Information Films
Public Information Films Index
Revised  We 4-May-05

Memories of "Charley Says" and Jo & Petunia and more. There are films available to download and transcripts too.

Channel 5
Channel 5
Revised  Sa 29-Mar-99

Channel 5, Britain's newest and last terrestrial analogue TV network, was launched on Easter Sunday 1997 by The Spice Girls. (There were five of them back then!) Read on for the Facts on Five.

Programme Delivery Control Explained
Programme Delivery Control
Version 5.6a  Tu 2-Dec-03

Everything you always ever wanted to know about PDC, the amazing invention which enables you to set your video recorder to tape a programme safe in the knowledge that it will be recorded even if the programme is shown later than advertised.

Celebrity Swears
Celebrity Swears

Children's TV favourite Zippy from Rainbow lets rip with a 4-letter word in the name of entertainment. Yes it's really Zippy. Don't believe it? See for yourself!

TV Themes
TV Themes
Revised  Tu 7-Feb-06

Trying to get hold of an old TV theme? Here are the track listings from the TV Sets collection and This is the Return of Cult Fiction, which includes White Horses, judged to be the best tv theme ever!

Invasion of the Web Snatchers (4K)
Web Snatcher!

In 1996, Dave Van Staveren created a web site that turned out to consist almost entirely of other people's web pages. The other people weren't happy - especially when Dave accused them of copying from him! That December he visited the BBC and apologised for his actions. But that wasn't the end of the story..

Fifteen To One - How It All Began
Fifteen to One

Find out how you go about inventing a popular quiz show and what it's like to appear on one.

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